The Exotic and Botanical Garden in Roscoff

The Exotic and Botanical Garden is situated next to the ferry harbour welcoming boats from Plymouth, Cork, Santander and Bilbao. It's in the city of Roscoff, in Northern Finistère, in Brittany. Its rock (18 meters high) overlooks the brand new harbour for leisure boats. 
You can walk to the garden (it is a five minutes' walk through a signed path) or you can drive to it (you'll have to pass near the football field).
The visit will take you about an hour or more if you're a plant fan.
The Garden displays one of the largest collections of plants from the Southern Hemisphere  and open-air or greenhouse cactus : an incredible botanical richness with plants from  South Africa, New Zealand,  Australia, South America, Chile, Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores...
Thus you'll be able to admire collections of proteas, callistemons (bottlebrushes), eucalyptus, pittosporums, hebes, kniphofias...among mixed borders full of thriving South African flowers.
The botanical and Exotic Garden in Roscoff is above all a wonderful world of flowers, colours, outstanding fragrances in an enchanting environment. Moreover exoticism is guaranteed at each detour and it will delight photo lovers, botanists or garden lovers;
Protea magnifica